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Communications Non-voice communications are very important for business. We offer several communication solutions, with different features and architectures to meet varied requirements of customers.
  • Robust, scalable Linux based email solution, built using proven components like Postfix, Dovecot, OpenLDAP, AMAVIS, Spamassassin, Apache, Roundcube/SoGo, etc.
  • Highly secure, with support for SSL/TLS enabled versions of SMTP, IMAP, POP3 & webmail.
  • Support for SPF & DKIM
  • Uniform view - see the same mailbox, folders from any device: webmail, mobile, laptop/desktop
  • Multi-admin and hierarchical groups of users
  • Password policy support and OTP based password recovery
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Powerful policy engine to enforce posting policies for groups, access to incoming & outgoing emails, attachment restrictions etc.
  • Groupware with mobile & Outlook sync
  • Rules engine for users to automatically sort emails into folders
Email Archival
  • Automatically archive all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Both on-premise and cloud versions
  • Supports Yukthi’s email solution as well as 3rd party email solutions (both on-premise and cloud)
  • Easy, fast search; online view
  • Selective archival based on user
  • Efficient storage with de-duplication
  • Restore user mailboxes
  • Retention policies
  • Email Migration Services in Bangalore
  • Best Cost Effective Office 365 and Suite
Instant Messaging (Chat)
  • Private Instant messaging service for your domain
  • IM is a non-intrusive method to contact your colleagues
  • Support for desktops, mobile phones
  • Records of the chats can be maintained on the server
  • SSL based VPN solution to securely connect users, offices, applications
  • VPN server setup in your office/s which have users/branch offices connecting
  • Secure connectivity through the Internet
  • Multi-link support: Connect to the office/application (like ERP) through multiple Internet links, automatically, so that even if 1 link is down, users can connect without any configuration changes.
  • Support for desktops & mobile phones
Document Management
File server Acts as a central file repository for a network of Windows (TM) and Linux desktops, with user authentication and access permissions. It can also act as a Domain Controller, and provide central authentication, thereby allowing users to login from any system on the network, and get access to network resources with the set permissions. Data backups of desktop shares can also be taken on the Server's hard disk. Off site data backups are also possible.
Document Management System Documents (files of any type) are information stores of your organization, and assets to be managed properly - starting from creation to long term archival.


  • Categorize documents in tree-like scheme, with any number of sub-categories
  • Easy upload; including bulk upload of thousands of documents at a time
  • Define & implement processes using workflows, with comments and supporting documents.
  • Security - fine grained access controls & logs.
  • Manage versions and avoid multi-edit conflicts.
  • Efficient storage with de-duplication
  • Document alerts to alert you about any action required, e.g. a contract renewal
  • Email alerts for all required actions
  • Interface easily with 3rd party applications like ERP using the published REST API.
  • Customization based on customer requirements possible
  • Available both on-premise and cloud (SaaS)
Work Management System Task Management
  • Create and assign tasks; break up high-level tasks to create sub-tasks to any level, and assign these independently
  • Set completion dates and assign them
  • Recurring tasks supported - daily/weekly/monthly/yearly; very useful to ensure that the routine (but very important) work gets done
  • Update with comments and documents
  • Contemporary web application using an Open Source stack - front-end based on ReactJS (from Facebook) and backend server uses a resource efficient Python server. PostgreSQL database, with the server running on Linux
  • Interfacing with other applications is possible
  • Email, SMS alerts
Request/Call Tracking
  • Setup “Queues” for different departments/teams and define ownership
  • Define Processes for Ticket flow or Closure
  • Log requests, calls or tasks in the system, or from Emails/SMS
  • Put updates, upload documents
  • Re-assign with full history to a different person (no follow-up or duplication of effort)
  • Escalations if not attended, closed within configured time
  • Track performance and get reports
Implement processes
  • Approval, review processes can be setup
  • Time specified for each stage
  • Comments recorded at every stage, with supporting documents
  • Re-work also recorded
  • Cross functional groups & workflows (processes)
  • Escalations to respective group heads if not completed
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