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Finding Office365 or Gsuite expensive? Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gsuite are well regarded and strong players in the market. Backed by their respective big company reach and a wealth of features, many companies have migrated to these services or are considering it.
Our service will be lighter on your pocket! But: they are proving to be rather expensive for some companies. Further, many users don't need all the features which come with these services.
So if you are a company:
  • Needing quality email services on your domain
  • Good spam filtering
  • High reliability
  • Good support, on phone & email
  • Standard protocol support - IMAP, POP3, SMTP & Webmail on TLS
then we can offer a cost-effective alternative. And we offer flexible space/user based plans, so our prices are hard to beat!
PLUS: Our service also comes with email archival, at no extra cost!!! If you have long term archival requirements, we can optionally setup an archive server on-premise at your office, while your email remains in "the cloud".
We also migrate your data from your existing email service provider, including Migrate from Office365 or Gsuite.
We can also offer HYBRID email service, where some of your users (e.g. Management team, senior managers) are on Office365 and rest are on our email service. This can also result in huge cost savings, while those who actually may be needing the features of Office365 get it.
So now, you need not spend a lot on email. Contact us right away to see how we can help you cut costs!
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