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We provide services relating to software development, cloud migration, data processing and DevOps.
Development of custom applications While standard application packages (software products) have certainly found vast acceptance, many-a-times they are a poor fit for your requirements; and the effort and cost involved in customizing them to your requirements (if at all possible) may be high enough to make a custom developed application viable.


Even more so in today's world:


  • A huge amount of well proven Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) is available, in the form of ready applications or modules performing specific functions. These modules can be rapidly put together to create a custom application which works exactly the way you need
  • Using the Agile Methodology, applications can be developed using a collaborative, low risk approach, where you as a customer, incrementally get updated software and use it continuously to see if it meets your requirements, and give quality inputs
  • Web applications - the browser has become a universal client for business applications; no updating clients on hundreds of desktops
  • Cloud/SaaS - you don't need to run servers in your office with the attendent infrastructure, expertise and expense
With all this, why try to fit square pegs in round holes? ie try to force fit  software products to meet your requirements?
We can build custom web applications to meet your requirements, with low risk; low development and ownership costs.
Cloud Migration "Cloud" has become a transformative phenomenon for business. Now you no longer need to be an expert in IT infrastructure, hardware, networking, etc. to run your applications. The cloud vendor takes care of all that for you.

Hence it makes sense to consider migrating your applications to the cloud. And we can help you with this:


  • Understanding your requirements
  • Selecting or developing applications, if the existing ones do not have a cloud equivalent
  • Selecting cloud vendors
  • Data migration & testing
  • Go live and support
Data Processing New applications, old data? Worthless.
There could be many instances where large amounts of data need to be processed, e.g.:


  • Process data and generate statistical MIS reports
  • Transform file formats (say pdf to jpg)
  • Database schema changes
  • Normalize data from different spreadsheets and import into a database
We can undertake various types of data processing, with large datasets; and using parallel processing/cloud, we can provide rapid results.
DevOps With our expertise in software development, Linux systems administration, IT infrastructure and networking, we are well placed to handle DevOps efficiently and cost-effectively for you
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