Products - Yukthi Issue Tracker

Yukthi Issue Tracker is a software solution for logging and tracking issues to closure. It is mainly used for customer support functions – both external and internal.


  • Issues can be created by Email, SMS or using a browser accessible form.
  • Multiple request Queues to differentiate between different types of requests or departments.
  • Users belong to Groups, with a hierarchy of Groups capturing the organization’s hierarchy; Users can belong to multiple Groups to capture multi-function teams.
  • A Queue is mapped to a Group and a User who is the owner.
  • Issues can be taken or explicitly assigned.
  • A Queue has Stages the Issue will pass through, thereby mapping the process to be followed
  • A Stage has Users (+ Group) with Roles mapped to it; only these Users can work on the Issue when in that Stage. Hence the Issue can be worked upon by Users across Groups (departments) in different Stages
  • Stages have preset pendency times, after which alerts are sent out
  • Updates can be logged in the system by Users who work on the Issue; files can also be These Updates go out as email alerts to those involved in the Issue including the Requester.
  • The Issue thus follows the process and moves to closure.
  • Prior to closure, feedback and confirmation can be taken from the Requester.
  • A user Dashboard and various Reports are available.
  • A mobile app is also available, which optionally logs GPS coordinates of the user; this can be viewed in maps.
  • It is available as both an on-premise installation(one-time charge) or as a hosted SaaS offering (recurring charge).