Yukthi Files

This is our hosted File storage service :

Feature Benefits
Folder Sharing with access controls Create team/department folders or sub-folders accessible only by members. Read-only access can also be given
Link sharing with expiry Share links to files (instead of sending as email attachments, which is very inefficient)
Online viewing of standard Office formats Convenient viewing without download, even for those who do not have the required software
Mobile app Access & manage your files on the move, from your smartphone
Mount as a drive on your system Drag/drop or copy/paste files; double click to open – like from any share, e.g. NAS box
Access files & folders though a user friendly interface, with a browser Convenient when accessing from other desktops; non-IT users can also use it easily
Full text search Search for files based on content, even when you don’t remember the name/folder
Quota for space management Manage space effectively by assigning quotas to users.
Enable access from office only or only from selected systems Ensure confidentiality of your files and prevent data theft
Customer support by email, telephone & chat Reach us conveniently whenever you need help
Note: This can also be implemented as an on-premise solution or on the customer’s own hardware in an Internet Data Center.
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