Yukthi Mail

This is our hosted email service, with the following features:

Feature Benefits
IMAP, POP3 (incoming) & SMTP (outgoing) support apart from Webmail (all with SSL/TLS) Use any standard client/app on any device or OS (Apple, Windows, Linux) or a browser. Data transfer is safe due to encryption. With IMAP see the same folders & mails on all devices
Email archival – 1 independent copy of all incoming+outgoing mail is saved in a separate area 1. Refer to any old email even when employees leave
2. Restore mailbox in case of loss/crash.
3. Monitor email activity for data theft.
Flexible architecture – Cloud email with in-office archival Keep email archives for many years on low cost hardware in your office.
Email filters, forwards & vacation messages Useful features to improve convenience for users & their productivity
Strong spam filtering Improves security and user productivity
Warning message for mails from external domains Prevent financial losses due to fraudulent mails
Support for DKIM, DMARC, SPF High security – assurance of genuineness to your recipients
Policy support – outgoing mails, attachment restrictions Prevent information leakage
Flexible, space based plans Pay only for what you need & reduce cost
Customer support by email, telephone & chat Reach us conveniently whenever you need help with email
Note: This can also be implemented as an on-premise solution or on the customer’s own hardware in an Internet Data Center.