Spam in Inbox? Data theft? Lost old emails & contacts. And nobody to call for support !

Our economical email service delivers clean email, reaches customer Inbox and protects you. So that you focus on your business, your customer.

Experience the Advantages

  • Generate email addresses as needed without worrying about licenses or purchasing
  • Robust defensive measures to protect against data theft
  • Protect from staff deleting data when leaving
  • Have ready evidence for court cases
  • Easily and efficiently send and receive files

You can trust us because …..

  • Happy that you can find any old email in our Email Archive
  • Relieved that you can just call us on the telephone for support
  • Elated that you don’t get customer calls about having received their mail
  • Feel safe that your staff can’t delete any files before quitting
  • Breezing through your day with no spam in your Inbox
  • Gratified that you are saving money on email service but no space
    complaints from users

Success Story

ASC Infratech Pvt. Ltd., NOIDA A company into design & consulting, was experiencing huge growth due to a foray into construction. Files/full folders to be shared securely with project sites. Permissions to prevent accidental deletions/moves. Easy sharing with vendors. A fast upgrade of File and Email service was called for.

We arrived on the scene (virtually of course!), took stock & understood the pain areas and requirements. Our Yukthi Mail service with the Files module fitted the requirements very well, and was found to be economical.

Questionnaires were shared to get the required information. Implementation was done rapidly, service provisioned, data migrated. All this while, there was no break in service as the existing services were running. Based on the given cutover time the services were migrated in phases – Files first, Email next. Implementation was followed by intensive, dedicated support for a week.

With this solution in place, ASC has a central file repository where different teams/departments have access to their own files. Project sites get easy access to latest drawings. Data is automatically backed up to a different location. And due to our space based plans, they need not keep count of number of users.

Poor email service hurts your business, distracts you and frustrates staff

  • Embarrassed that you have to request your customer to forward an old mail?
  • Frustrated that you keep calling your customer to ask them to check their spam folder for your mail?
  • Annoyed that your email service provider is not reachable on the phone?
  • Angry that your employee deleted important old files & emails when quitting?
  • Distressed with the huge amount of spam in your Inbox?
  • Unhappy that some users have vacant mailboxes while others need to keep deleting mails to create space?

For all kind of EMAIL services

Improve your email experience! Our top-notch email platform has advanced security, easy organization and more. Try it today and see the improvement!

This is what our customers are saying about us….

Our reputed customer base with referrals would be enough to convince your prospects.

Art Of Living, Sweden, was looking for an email service, with reliability, security & an economically viable solution. After evaluating several alternatives, we finally zeroed in on Yukthi Mail and went live a few months ago after data migration from the previous service.

Mr. Sandeep Erat

Member, Art of Living, Sweden

We have been using Yukthi Mail and File  services for several years and find them to be well suited to our needs. Geographical distance hasn’t mattered when it comes to support. 

Mr. Bhawnish Suri

Managing Director, DBS Lifestyle, Delhi

In our quest for cost optimization and a better value proposition, we evaluated Yukthi Mail service. It was found suitable with the email functionality and also the File service, apart from the enhanced security in terms of access controls.

Mr. Navneet Jalan

Director, Rainbow Packaging Industries, Haridwar

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Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and hello to organized communication with our email service. Our intuitive platform allows you to easily sort and prioritize your messages, schedule emails for later, and even collaborate with team members on shared inboxes. Plus, with top-notch security features, you can trust that your information is always protected. Watch our demo video to gain a comprehensive understanding of our email service.

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