Success Stories

Marshall Machines Ltd., Ludhiana

Marshall was facing a severe spam problem with their previous service provider. Every user would get 10-15 spam mails, into their Inbox, daily. They wanted a reliable service provider with good support.

The day after the changeover, they were stunned to see the difference – NO SPAM in Inbox!! A few anxious users called IT department to check if email service was working, as they had fewer or no mails in Inbox.

Suryoday Bank, Navi Mumbai

Suryoday Bank was on Microsoft Office365 (O365) service. With about 2000 users, the cost was rather high. It was also noticed that a majority of the users did not use the many modules or advanced features of O365. Hence they opted for a hybrid service, with some users on O365 and others on Yukthi Mail. This has resulted in huge savings.

ASC Infratech, NOIDA, UP

ASC Infratech needed a central file repository with fine grained access controls, including delete controls. It was seen that some staff would maliciously delete files before leaving. Yukthi Mail with Files module (something like Google Drive) was found to be suitable and implemented. An automated sync is also stored in a different on-premise server.

Repco Home Finance, Chennai

Repco is an NBFC with a presence all over Tamil Nadu. They started off with Yukthi Mail service, finding it to be economical and we had the option of on-premise implementation, which they wanted. Having had a good experience for two years, they opted for our Yukthi Files module also, to send documents to and collect files (reports) from their numerous branches. Various access controls were also implemented.

Sri Salasar Apparels, Kolkata

A reputed manufacturer of apparels, with several big chains as customers, they wanted a reliable email service with inbox delivery. To support distributed operations and work from home, they also wanted Files and Chat services. They were delighted to have all these from the same vendor, at a very reasonable cost.

Altum Credo, Pune

A reputed, fast growing NBFC into home finance, they wanted a email service which would scale up with their fast growth.

Barodaweb, Vadodara

A well respected provider of software solutions, they needed to send out transaction alert mails in high volumes. Reliably, without going to recipients’ spam folders. We were able to assure this, since our service is never given for marketing purposes and hence our servers’ reputation is high.

Samasta Finance, Gurgaon (Gurugram)

A fast growing micro finance company, they wanted a reliable, secure mail service with full support.

DBS Lifestyle, New Delhi

A creative and branding agency with a vast repertoire of work spanning many industries, they needed Mail and Files modules, with full support.

Jesper Apps, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

A fast growing startup, developing sophisticated apps for customers, they needed a reliable and secure email service and also something affordable for their customers, many of whom were unwilling to pay big amounts for Gsuite.

South India Paper Mills, Mysore

A company with a history and a well known name in the paper business, SIPM has been using our mails service for many years now.

Simandhar Education, Hyderabad

A reliable, cost-effective email service was required, with support assurance.

Kashi Capital, Lucknow, UP

A reliable, cost-effective email service for an ambitious startup in the finance sector, with full support and high security.

Arihant Infotech, Ahmedabad

A fast growing IT solutions provider, dealing with many corporates. They needed a reliable email service, with assurance of delivery to Inbox, past their customers’ strong spam filters, which we have been able to do.

Rainbow Packaging Industries, Haridwar

A secure email service, with special access controls to prevent data theft – a natural concern in a business where design theft can cause great harm. Files service module was also required.

Amsat Auto, Karnal, Haryana

An auto parts manufacturer, deeply engrossed in their business and meeting the demands of their customers. A trouble free email service, with prompt support when needed.

Stakque Infotech, Kasargod, Kerala

A web services startup founded by enthusiastic youngsters, working on latest technology stacks – web sites, web apps & digital marketing. Wanted a reliable but cost-effective email service. They were very annoyed with pushy services from big name vendors where messages would pop up constantly, urging users to buy something or the other!

Sharad Exports, Panipat, Haryana

A well established export house, needed a reliable email service where mails would go to the Inbox of their customers. And support when needed.

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