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If you’re a small business that’s using Google Workspace, we urge you to consider Yukthi Mail because it was designed to provide a higher economic value to businesses at this scale.

Maybe you use some other email hosting service? Well then you’ll like to see how Yukthi Mail stacks up against other email hosting service providers in India.

We’ve dealt with Google Workspace customers that come to us and availed a hybrid option that makes use of both Google Workspace & Yukthi because that turned out to be more economical for them, contact us to get on a call and find out what’s the most optimal solution for your business.

Mail from an Ex-Google Workspace customer:

“Dear Mr. Ramakant

Let me take this opportunity and thank you for the excellent services you and your team has rendered to Trion Logistics India Pvt Ltd. We were using Google email service for our emails. The biggest challenge we faced is the fixed amount of space for each email id. Some need large amount of storage and some very less. We were unable to share others storage, In addition every additional email id has a cost associated with it.

Yukthi Systems has provided us a solution with no additional cost. Yukthi Systems has given a total storage which we can allocate individually based on their usage. In addition there is no additional cost for any new email ids. Yukthi has provided us with unlimited number of email ids.

The migration has been smooth with no problems whatsoever and the Yukthi team has hand hold us for a week till the Trion team was comfortable.”

Moving on, let’s make this comparison based on the main considerations of a small business when it comes to subscribing to an email service for better communication and collaboration.

Main considerations of choosing an email hosting service


Google Workspace has so many awesome features that even we’re tempted to think that their offering is unanimously the best. After all, we’re used to thinking that more feature means more value

But what if a lot of those features aren’t particularly useful to you? You’ll be left with a clutter of features and clutter often takes away from the productive use of any software.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an option that cuts down on this clutter and as a result, cut down on the cost too? Yukthi Mail is that option, since the email service plans are custom tailored for small businesses.


Google Workspace has great security, but you can get that at a lower cost with Yukthi Mail.

Because that is what Yukthi does, we skim the clutter and double down on the essential features like security so that small businesses can get the most value for their buck.

Yukthi Mail’s security has been audited in depth by several customers in the banking/finance sector with no security mishaps reported so far – which is not surprising because of the amount of security precautions we take.

Reliability & Uptime

Uptime is the measure of reliability of a software service, it refers to the time in which it will be working. You might think a 24/7 uptime is standard, but there are many reasons that can cause downtime to a software  from maintenance to errors to hackers.

Even Google Workspace has had episodes of downtimes that halted business operations for hours on occasion, Yukthi Mail has been able to match at least Google Workspace in this regard as this is one of those essential features that we double down on.

In the past 6 to 7 years, Yukthi Mail has been able to match Google Workspace in terms of this reliability measure called uptime… at a lower cost. To date, Yukthi Mail hasn’t lost any of the terabytes of the data that we house.


Another essential feature that we double down on is responsive & engaging customer support through calls, chats and mails. With this we wanted to absolutely make sure that our customers are ensured a smooth experience with Yukthi.


We’ve mentioned how much we cut down on cots above and that is because this is where we really win big, since we worked towards skimming off the clutter and doubling down on the essential features.

Yukthi Mail’s plans are based on total space and not space per user like Google Workspace, so you business can enjoy unlimited domain and unlimited users with the agreed upon storage space.

Basically, it is totally upto the business’ requirement how the storage space is distributed among the users. A person may need only 1, 5, 10 or 50 GB and you’ll be able to give them just what they need, which is great for efficient use of storage space.

We’ve had actual Google Workspace clients migrate over to our email service and were benefited with a savings of 50% – 75%, which is better off used to grow your business in other ways.

Ramakant Jawalkar

Ramakant Jawalkar

Founder & CEO of Yukthi Systems, IT Consultant

Over 30 years experience in the Information Technology sector, starting from hardware design, server side software & database development; managing product development & rollout; general management.

I have been an early adopter of Linux and Open Source Software, and founded Yukthi Systems to provide solutions around Open Source; and have been reasonably successful in this. Yukthi is probably the oldest surviving company in India on FOSS/Linux.

Apart from our infrastructure solutions on Linux, we provide software solutions to SMBs such as document Management & workflow systems, Issue/Request Tracking and Automation – including email, SMS processing, document generation, data processing & report generation