If you’re a small business currently using Office 365, you may want to consider Yukthi Mail as an alternative, especially if you’re looking for an email hosting service that offers greater economic value.

Even if you’re using another email hosting service, you may be interested in how Yukthi Mail compares to other email hosting service providers in India. We’ve worked with some Google Workspace customers who have opted for a hybrid solution that combines both Google Workspace and Yukthi Mail to maximize their cost savings, the same can be done wit Office 365 too.

Watch the video on how Google Workspace vs. Yukthi Mail where we discuss a hybrid option maximized cost savings for one of our customers.

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Key Factors of Choosing An Email Hosting Service For Small Businesses


Office 365 offers a range of features that may be useful for small businesses, such as cloud storage, video conferencing, and project management tools. However, some businesses may not need all of these features, which can make the service more expensive than necessary. In contrast, Yukthi Mail provides customized plans that allow businesses to select only the features they need, which can result in cost savings.


Both Office 365 and Yukthi Mail offer high levels of security to protect businesses’ sensitive information. However, Yukthi Mail’s security measures are audited by multiple customers in the banking and finance sector, which demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a secure email service. Our email hosting service uses encryption, firewalls, and antivirus software to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

Reliability and Uptime

Uptime is essential for businesses that rely on email for communication with customers and colleagues. Office 365 has experienced instances of downtime in the past, which can cause disruptions in business operations. On the other hand, Yukthi Mail has a proven track record of maintaining uptime that matches or exceeds that of Office 365, which can give businesses peace of mind that their email service will be reliable.


Yukthi Mail prides itself on providing responsive and effective customer support to help businesses resolve any issues they may encounter with their email service. We offer support through phone, chat, and email, and our team is available 24/7 to assist with any problems or questions.


Yukthi Mail’s pricing model is based on total storage space, which can be more cost-effective for businesses that require a large amount of storage. In contrast, Office 365’s pricing is based on a per-user basis, which can make the service more expensive as the number of users increases. Additionally, Yukthi Mail has had customers switch to our email service and save anywhere from 50% to 75%, which can be a significant cost savings for small businesses.

In summary, while Office 365 offers many features that small businesses may find useful, Yukthi Mail’s customized plans, proven uptime, and cost-effective pricing make it a strong contender for businesses looking for an email hosting service.

Ramakant Jawalkar

Ramakant Jawalkar

Founded & CEO of Yukthi Systems, IT Consultant

Over 30 years experience in the Information Technology sector, starting from hardware design, server side software & database development; managing product development & rollout; general management.

I have been an early adopter of Linux and Open Source Software, and founded Yukthi Systems to provide solutions around Open Source; and have been reasonably successful in this. Yukthi is probably the oldest surviving company in India on FOSS/Linux.

Apart from our infrastructure solutions on Linux, we provide software solutions to SMBs such as document Management & workflow systems, Issue/Request Tracking and Automation – including email, SMS processing, document generation, data processing & report generation